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With passion for the mountains

My name is Grzegorz - I opened the Kaukaz rental as a small family business to combine my love for high mountains, entrepreneurship and honest, hard work. For several years, I have been looking forward to every winter to get my equipment out and face the mountains and the weather. Is it for you the first time in the winter mountains and you are not sure what equipment you need, do you want to try it first, how is it there? I can help you!

Why Kaukaz?

The Caucasus mountains charmed me with its amazing, still wild nature and amazing culture and lifestyle of Georgians. Not only did I get my first five-thousanders there - Kazbek, but I found a land that is an image of freedom and the beauty of creation.

I would like the rental to be at the highest level - like Kazbek, which towers over Georgia, and you, as a client, experienced help - as I experienced hospitality from Georgians.

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